TriSpin- Steady / Steady rest / Spin Steady


Premium quality solid Oak woodturning steady rest made in Shropshire, UK.

Suitable for most Lathes and adaptable.


Introducing the new TriSpin steady, made in Ken’s workshop in Shropshire by Dan or Ken Garner, UK for lathes of swing diameter 305mm to 405mm.

*All units currently include upgraded high quality star knobs

These contraptions are generally known as ‘steady rests’or just ‘steadies’. ‘Spin steady’ sounds appropriate too.

For a video demonstration please click here.

The TriSpin is great for hollowing projects and spindles. It makes turning more stable and safer. In combination with a chuck, it greatly reduces the chance of your hollowing project leaving the jaws.  When turning a long spindle, it greatly reduces the wobble you’ll get when applying pressure towards the centre of a long or thin spindle.

There is good demand for the TriSpin with turners who appreciate our premium design. As such the design has progressed to beautiful European oak for all the benefits of its strength, durability and appearance.

The TriSpin has been engineered to have class leading stability and as such has some unique design features:

  • For stability and compactness, all the wheels are central within the device.
  • The shape, an equilateral triangle, ensures very high strength by placing each member in tension in line with the strongest orientation of Oak (in line with the grain)
  • When the wheels are positioned at the full 240mm turning diameter, they neatly tuck into the corners of the triangle.
  • Halving joints and steel bolts give exceptional shear strength in the corners.
  • The wheels contain Abec 3 or greater sealed bearings, rated for very high velocities without wobble. The wheels are of a selected hardness to keep noise low and prevent marking of your work piece.
  • By providing one model which suits most lathes, if you change lathes, you can continue to use the TriSpin, and we can benefit from economies of scale and bring you a lower price.

Now supplied fully assembled. Just take it out the box and attach it to your lathe!

Included in packaging:

1 x fully assembled TriSpin, 2 x 25mm deep spacer blocks (use as required for your lathe’s swing), 1 x simple universal lathe attachment assembly (requires a space between lathe bed’s bars).

For lathe suitability please have a look here.



Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 5860 × 60 × 15 cm
Minimum Turning diameter

9mm – this is the smallest workpiece the Trispin steady rest can hold

Maximum turning diameter

240mm – this is the largest workpiece the Trispin steady rest can hold

Frame Material

Solid European oak. Steel and stainless steel bolts.


50mm non marking wheels and sealed bearings. All easily replaced and readily available, however they may never need replacement.


Suitable for lathes with swing diameter 305mm up to 405mm by using the two spacer blocks included.

1x 25mm for 350mm lathes
2x 25mm for 405mm lathes

If you lathe is more than a little different from these sizes, you may wish to adjust the spacer blocks or create your own.

Lathe attachment

The TriSpin steady rest comes with a threaded rod attachment which clamps to your lathe by passing between the bars. A wing nut, washer and wooden block are tightened into place from below.